Werewolf: the Apocalypse – House Rules and Clarifications


  1. Nature Knows Best:  The merit Nature Knows Best changes the way a Red Talon uses those skills, not other characters. For example, using this merit with Steel Sharpens Steel only gives other characters Animal Ken, which works as normal. Similarly, using this merit with a power that calls for Intimidation normally allows it to be resisted by Aura of Confidence, an “Intimidation” Negating Fetish, or other anti-Intimidation effect.
  2. Mockingbird: Duplicating a merit you already have has no effect. Duplicating Loremaster does not allow you to swap out Lore specs every time you gain Loremaster; you will select the spec you acquire with the merit and inform the ST. Use of this merit to gain and lose Umbral Affinity will result in Spirit Notoriety.


  1. Enraged Transformation: Flaws are not beneficial. In a case where your character is forced out of Crinos (by Forced Transformation or a similar effect), the effect overrides Enraged Transformation.


  1. Trick Shot: This gift may only be used once a turn.
  2. Bone Gnawer gifts are unchanged from the Errata: Bone Gnawer 3 remains Friend in Need.
  3. Awaken Minor Spirit: You may not have a number of spirits greater than your dots in occult bound at any one time due to this gift.
  4. Gorgon’s Gaze: Characters may ignore the line of sight restrictions by using the Blind Fighting combat maneuver.


  1. Gift Limitations: Gaffling spirits are restricted to only General gift specialties and may only have one gift specialty. Jaggling spirits are restricted to two gift specialties, only one of which may be Tribal or Fera in origin. Should a spirit have access to a gift that allows summoning other spirits, they may only summon one other spirit, and it must be of lower rank, though a Gaffling can summon one other Gaffling.