Vampire the Masquerade: Camarilla

Welcome to The City of Providence, a Vampire: The Masquerade Camarilla/Anarch game!

The City of Providence runs on 2nd Saturdays in Mullica Hill NJ. See our Events page for upcoming event listings. Contact Jacob Shpiece at for game location and more info. Join us on Discord to chat!

Pittsburgh was once a city of steel, where factories were raised like cathedrals and union men worked in assembly lines to forge the great ‘Arsenal of Democracy’. Everywhere there was opportunity to be seized and profits to be made, and the kindred of the city found little resistance as they slithered their way into these vast systems. Who was worried about the unusual sleeping habits of their contractors, or moneymen, when there was a new world to build? The Court of Pittsburgh swelled with wealth and importance over the decades, their only dilemma a family of Giovanni that resisted expulsion, time and time again. Eventually the Court simply resigned itself to the interlopers. There was, ultimately, enough to go around.

By the 1980’s, three out of every four foundries in the city had closed their doors. The dream of wealth survived (for some), written now in glass instead of steel. With every year more and more Elders found themselves befuddled, nestled in the hearts of systems that they could no longer comprehend. By the turn of the millennium most Elders had retreated into a long sleep, turning their empires over to their children until they returned.

Pittsburgh is a city of glass and lightning, one where the powerful still dream of building new worlds. Some kindred will find it impossible to survive in a world that seems to grow smaller every day, with an eye watching every street and ears in every pocket. Others will find it has never been easier for one person to bring a city to its knees.

What do you want to build?


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