Huldufólk Philly September Playtest


1:30 pm - 5:00 pm


Loft above Reanimator Coffee
310 W Master St, Philadelphia, PA, 19122-4444

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Join us for our first playtest of Huldufólk: The Hidden People

Huldufólk is an Urban Fantasy Live Action Roleplaying game. It is based in the Icelandic myth of the Huldufólk. When the Northmen first arrived in Iceland, they didn’t believe they were the first ones there. They believed there was a secret race of men, a hidden people: The Huldufólk. In this game, they were right. The Huldufólk are all around us, influencing our world towards good or evil, and struggling among themselves over what either really mean.
For more info on Huldufólk, including the setting, visit

If you have time, please fill out the character survey, so we know what characters are being played on Saturday. The session will start with an overview of the game setting and rules, helping players make their playtest character sheets and character ties, followed by beginning the playtest scenario.

Where: 310 Master St, Philadelphia, PA. 2nd Floor. Please press the “Nimblelight” intercom button on the door to the left of Reanimator coffee to be buzzed in to the 2nd floor.

1:30PM – 2PM Checkin
2PM – 5PM Game playtest

There is no site fee for this playtest. If you are able to, there is a suggested donation of $5 to assist in ongoing production of the game.


It is September 2016. Mother Mary, champion of the Blessed’s Friends of God, who has guided the City of Brotherly Love for 60 years, sends the following message to the Huldufólk of Philadelphia:

“Huldufólk of Philadelphia,

It is with a great sadness I call you together to meet. I cannot do this. I cannot continue along this path that I walk. My heart is no longer in this fight. If the Blessed of Philadelphia wish to continue to control the city’s future, it is time to find a new leader to guide you.

Mother Mary”

The Huldufólk are meeting at “Nature’s Brew” Coffee House. Owned by one of the Huldufólk’s mortal twins, it has announced a short notice closure on Saturday, when the Huldufólk are set to gather — but for some reason the owner decided to brew fresh batches of coffee before closing for the day. [OOC: For note, we’ll be providing coffee brewed at the literal coffee shop our location is above, along with tea and some pastries]

New historical Exhibit appears in Philadelphia!

The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology has struck a deal with the Acropolis Museum in Greece to feature some of its fantastic artifacts for the fall of 2016. This exhibit will hold many items of ancient Greek history, including a piece which is extremely rare and as such does not travel outside of Greece often: an ancient gold coin depicting Athena, issued by the tyrant Lachares in 296 BC to pay his troops during the siege of Athens by Demetrius “the besieger”, king of Macedon. The colossal gold and ivory statue of the goddess Athena, in the Parthenon on the Acropolis, was stripped of its gold, which was then struck into coins. Only a handful of these precious coins survive around the world. University Professor Xavier Niles will be giving a special lecture on the importance of these artifacts, especially the Athenian coin, this Saturday evening. Museum admission is 15$ for an adult, 10$ for children. As always, students of the University of Pennsylvania get in for 5$.